MaxAxe Title Image
for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android

MAX AXE is an all-new & over-the-top infinite runner for your iOS or Android device. In the game, you are MAX - a barbarian berserker living the good life in the storybook Land of Barbaria.

Press “PLAY” and you'll take a romp through Loot Forest, an area commonly used by horrible monsters to stash any gold, gems, or fair maidens they've plundered. The forest is teeming with treasure, but it's also teeming with danger! You better believe the slimes, dragons, and who-knows-what-elses lurking inside don't take too kindly to treasure-seekers. You'll have to upgrade your gear, chop farther and faster, and work into an absolute frenzy in order to get rich, slay your friend's high scores, and bask in the sweet, sweet glory.

MAX AXE features an addictive mechanic: draw the path of an axe with your finger, then watch Max throw an axe along that line. You can throw carefully, or machine-gun out a flurry of axes. With each throw, players try to get combos of coins, gems, or monsters in order to unleash massive loot drops and ludicrous effects. You won't believe your eyes, and that's not just because of the juicy retina graphics! There's also tons of little features to discover, including truly hilarious sound effects & original music.

MAX AXE! Available now on iOS and Android!